Auto Tint

Our auto window tinting installers provide professional car window tinting services using the finest 3M window film that avails your vehicle benefits like improved cooling, privacy, UV and glare protection as well as better appearance.

Sin City Tint: 3M Authorized Window Film Dealer and Certified Installer

Our certified sales specialists will take the time to design a personalized solution for you and your vehicle that will meet all your car tinting needs.

We will help you supply and install the best window film that suit your needs. Our car window tinting installers are trained to assess your unique situation and recommend customized solutions that fit your needs.

Car Window Tinting Styles and Tint Levels

3M™ Automotive Window Films are versatile enough to cater for your needs and are available in many styles and tint levels depending on what you want.

Stay Cool

Stay cool no matter the weather as the film blocks all heat-producing infrared rays from entering your car

Increase Privacy

Stay safer and more private in your car by blocking up to 95% of visible light from entering your car.

Enjoy Added Style

Choose any film style or tint level to match your personal style and preference.

Block UV Rays

Protect your skin and car interior by blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

Add Security

Makes your car harder to break into and obscures your valuables from outsiders.

Improve Sight & Safety

Increase your visibility by reducing glare from sunlight, making driving easier and more comfortable for you.